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Need a laugh? Like dumb jokes? Just trying to do your best as you get hurdled through an infinite universe on a rock orbiting a giant ball of fire? Join me, Q, every Saturday! A little robot also trying their best on a rock orbiting a giant ball of fire.

Welp. is a weekly webcomic about life and random nonsense that's so dumb it's sometimes funny.

Available on:   Tapas   Webtoons   Tumblr


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Gnashing teeth, long claws, sharp spines dripping with an alien green goo. He's the biggest, baddest monster in town. Frighteningly tough without a weakness to be seen. Especially not for things as trivial as white chocolate sweets or cute boys. At least, that's what he wants you to think. It's Craig! And he's coming soon to a website near you!

Craig is a sci-fi comedy currently in the works.

Coming Soon!

Moths in the Lungs

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It's a different world in the smallest hours of the night. Sometime around 5 am, when most are tucked away in bed in whatever place they call home. And those that stay out may find it is a world that belongs to creatures of a different kind. Long legs made entirely of cloth. Glowing red eyes and a 10 foot wingspan. A little girl who hasn't taken a breath in centuries. This is the world of beings outside our understanding, whose existence will forever be elusive. What a lonely life it must be.

Moths in the Lungs is a supernatural thriller about cryptids, ghosts, and family.

Prologue on:   Tapas   Tumblr 

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